MIR Scanner Echoardiogram

The images provide the basis for 3D models that will be used for VR simulation.

MED3D Virtual Reality Lab

Possibility to create new 3D models of heart for surgical and therapeutic studies.

Mockup FRP Surgery Solution

Printing 3D model and using it for
surgical-simulation and case  studies.


The MED3D project aims to strengthen the healthcare sector’s confidence in the new technologies, in order to accelerate the research, the development and the adoption of these technologies and to offer a better assistance to the patient in need.
An analysis of feasibility in the scientific sector and in particular in the medical sector has shown that companies need the development of medical 3D printing solutions for the academic world, for hospitals, and for the sector of medical devices. 
Another need is also to have designers specifically trained for the design and the development of those solutions.
This is how the idea of the MED3D project was born, a project that introduces a new concept of a circular economy that links the following sectors: medical, IT and Design.

MED3D goes to Maker Faire 2018

The MED3D project and its “Med3D VR Lab” software were attended the Maker Faire – San Mateo in California, May 18-20, 2018!
We had the opportunity to show our project and talking about Mock Up 3D printing in general!

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The objective of RIC3D is that to strengthen the trust of the sanitary sector in the new technologies, accelerating so the search and the development,
 furnishing solutions made with 3D medical printing. 
To achieve this goal,
Ric3D needs also to form specialized designer 

Ric3D Srl

It’s a private research company specialized in biotech
field, with headhquarter in Milan.
MTM s.r.l. projects and
productions consist of mathematics statistics software and
template & use cases for medical field.


Innovative startups’ incubator certified by Italian Ministry of Economic Development. The company follows the growing of technological startups interested at italian market, through the Fablab, wich is certified by the Municipality of Milan.

Techinnova Srl

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